Bitten by the space bug



Until she turned forty, Katherine had led a peripatetic life, moving on and up and out of countries, houses and successful tech jobs. Her significant birthday made her realise it wasn’t making her happy. So she put down roots, took a permanent job, had a family and, in one of those career tangents that turn out to be the best thing ever, took the role as CEO for the UK Space Agency.

Now back in the private sector, Katherine is exploring “New Space”: as much about data and digital services as it is about rockets and satellites. Advances in data processing and dissemination, using AI and big data analysis, is generating new ideas for how satellite data can be used. And where better to explore this potential than in Brighton’s creative and digital start-up community?

Katherine realises the benefit of looking up, to bring perspective to changing times and push our horizons to new opportunities.

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