Find the magic in the mundane


The Event Horizon hour – inspiring sessions that will challenge your perspective, change your view or make you look anew. 

A thought-provoking session that will unleash your creativity, solidify your business aims and encourage you to seek advice from others.

You’ll begin by discussing the layers of meaning we place onto objects – memories, the people we associate them with, the feelings they evoke.

It’s surprisingly difficult to find an object that means absolutely nothing to you, no matter how mundane it may initially seem. Look up from your laptop or smartphone screen, and actually consider the objects you surround yourself with on a daily basis. Why are they there? What do they say about you?

Then, it’s time for the challenge. You’ll trawl through a vast collection of everyday objects and choose one that best represents your business – either where you are now as an entrepreneur, or where you want to be.

You’ll create a short description of what this object means to your business, and express some challenges you’d like to overcome.

Team MOOP will then create an interactive exhibition of participants’ objects, which the rest of the Summit can peruse and leave advice for the creators.

Find the Magic in the Mundane is all about looking at things in a different way, thinking about what you really want to achieve, and getting support from others in the room.

It’s for people to don’t take things at face value, who are curious, want to share and learn with others and gain a new perspective on their own business.

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