Look at me now


Speaker session. 

Belinda started using heroin when she was 13.  At the age of 48, after recovery and eight years’ abstinence, she got her first ever job. The day she got her first wage packet was one of the best of her life.

It’s easy to easy to dismiss people with alcohol and drug problems, without considering their causes and the possibility of complete recovery. Would you ever consider employing someone in recovery from addiction or mental health problems?

In this session you will hear first hand about the extraordinary achievements of four impressive women who have overcome adversities that most of us cannot imagine.  You will hear about the work of Brighton Housing Trust, how it combats homelessness, creates opportunities and promotes change in preparing people for work.

This session will be led by Andy Winter, BHT’s chief executive, who will be joined by a recovering addict now in employment. Together they will challenge common perceptions and show just what can be achieved.

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