Powerful and purposeful storytelling for business


Workshop – learn new skills from passionate experts.

What is it?
People actively seek out and respond to stories and story structure. Stories are how we navigate and make sense of the world. Blending facts and feelings – the rational and emotional – is the key to telling better stories. On the rational side, this includes smart use of numbers, data, and statistics. Particularly in what some (mistakenly) would have us believe is a post-fact, fake news world.

In this practical, hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how to tell more powerful and purposeful stories. About yourself, about your role, about your organisation. Start-up, SME, or multi-national. Business or public sector, not-for-profit or charity.

Who’s it for?
In the age of social media and big data, many more voices matter. Corporate and brand communication doesn’t just belong to the communications and marketing departments. It’s everyone’s responsibility. Big data and social media have seen to that.

• Learn how to build more compelling narratives
• Understand the critical role of data in stories that convince
• Explore the role of emotion, people, and humanity
• Become more empathetic and human in your storytelling

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