The secret of getting your price right


Workshop – learn new skills from passionate experts.

What is it?

When you’re running a business, the temptation is always to carry on working and never look up from your desk. We’ve all done it. Just squeeze out a few more hours, crack on with the never-ending to-do list, keep at it.

Well done. You’ve taken the first step by booking a day away from staring at the screen by coming to the Brighton Summit. The second step is to sort out the fundamental problem in your business which is keeping you prisoner. Get yourself the freedom to try new things, pay someone else to do some of those to do list items.

About 95% of the small businesses I talk to have set their prices at the wrong level. Which means that they aren’t making as much money as they should be.  So there’s never enough spare money to allow the owner to just stop and look up, look around them and work out how to move the business forward.

I’ll share the secrets of getting your price right in this session. And how to do the right marketing to get enough people to happily pay those prices. It’s all in my Sweetspot Pricing book if you can’t wait until the Summit.

Who it’s for?

Business owners with less than 50 staff who would like to have some spare money and time to actually get on with those great ideas and turn them into reality.


  • Get your pricing and business fundamentals right by finding your sweetspot price
  • Great tips on how to get people to pay the amount you want to charge them
  • Feel confident about charging what you’re worth

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