What does it mean to lead a 21st century business?


Workshop – learn new skills from passionate experts.

What is it?

Organisations are changing. People want inspiration and meaning, not just jobs and products. There is more freedom, more equality. What does this mean for how leaders lead?

Within People has identified seven essential leadership qualities from our work around the globe.

This workshop is interactive and provides a chance to hear some of the inspiring stories from our global conversations with leaders and from those leaders with us in the room. We’ll explore how we can activate the seven leadership qualities and what might be holding us back.

Who’s it for?

Anyone leading a team or an organisation and interested in finding out what works well for other leaders of 21st century businesses.

What are the take aways?

An understanding of how leaders around the world are working with the seven qualities of leadership and how they impact their leadership techniques. You’ll understand how being more intentional as an individual means leading with your heart as well as your head, so we can create amazing cultures where people thrive.

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