The big knowledge share networking session


The event horizon hour – inspiring sessions that will challenge your perspective, change your view or make you look anew.

Do you have a problem to solve in meeting your business or personal goals? It might be meeting the right clients, getting the right marketing support or reaching to the next level.  Our fun, structured networking will help you find the solutions you need – through just one resource – people, and one mindset – asking for and sharing knowledge.

How it works

Firstly, you will sit in sets of three, telling your group about who you are, what your business goals are and the help you are looking for. Others will listen and ask questions to really get to the bottom of what you need, as well as your motivations to get where you want to be. You will then write down your goals and put it on a wall. All attendees will walk around the room, look at each other’s goals and chat to people and offer/discuss ways to help.

As a result, you will meet lots of people in a friendly and supportive environment, gain advice, contacts and help for your business and learn and share with likeminded people. This is suitable for entrepreneurs and small business leaders. You can share and learn from others – networking at its best.

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