Adam Bates

Adam Bates

Adam Bates is the founder of Ambigo. Ambigo provides a unique approach to supercharging businesses by empowering their teams.

Ambigo workshops increase effectiveness of teams in a fun and inspiring way. They improve group cohesion, staff communication and understanding between new and existing staff teams – both at operational and managerial levels. They achieve this by bringing people together to support each other’s goals, ideas and ambitions.

Their unique approach focusses on the individual first and fosters a spirit of reciprocity that strengthens teams.

Ambigo is an innovative Community Interest Company incorporated in 2017 and founded by former sports commentator Adam Bates. His work to improve community cohesion through Ambigo saw him recognised in the 2017 Brighton Happy List.

Their guiding belief is that by bringing people together, they have better access to a community of skills, contacts and information to address their problems and achieve our goals.

And the name? It’s pronounced AM-be-go. We help AMBItions GO!


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