Where will the rhythm take you?


The event horizon hour – inspiring sessions that will challenge your perspective, change your view or make you look anew.

Did you know that so many eureka moments in life and in work can come when you have stopped thinking, put down your phone and laptop, and stepped out of business mode?

Simple things like walking to the shop, falling asleep or chatting to friends, these are the moments when we let our brains breathe. We can then make sense of the onslaught of information and demands in today’s world of work.

This Event Horizon hour is designed to gently tug you away from the busy-ness of business and settle you into the sensory world around you.  We will leave the conference centre in search of sounds, to create beats and have a bit of playful competition, all based in Brighton’s urban green landscape.

Through this hour, you will experience sound and space in a new way and calm your mind from the challenges of everyday decision-making. It’s an opportunity to learn how to look up and take a breath of fresh air, inspired to tackle what lies ahead with renewed vigour.

Your effectiveness might just improve as a result and it starts by single step… and beat.

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