Emily and Lelethu

Emily and Lelethu

Unite The Beat is run by Emily Robertson and Lelethu Tokwe.  Having worked together on a number of projects both in the UK and South Africa with clients including Wakehurst Place, the National Trust and East Sussex Foster Care Association, they bring a rare fusion of cultures to their work.

They use the medium of sound to facilitate play, promote relaxation and stimulate community.  Whether this is through their immersion in nature workshops, participating in their reminiscence groups or listening to one of their soundscapes, for them it is all about sound.  They are passionate about tackling social isolation, discrimination and exclusion, working with a number of partners in and around Sussex, to enable people to change for the better.

They are developing an innovative internet soundscape programme at present, bringing a new sensory medium online.  Be the first to allow your potential clients to experience you through sound. Get in touch to have a custom soundscape recorded and communicate sonically.


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